"A human child is a human being. Similarly, if we are the children of God, we are also divine.
    This is our birthright. We are the inheritors of the Immortal Bliss!"

  • Swami Baneshananda

    The Vedanta centre in Germany is headed by the Indian monastic teacher Swami Baneshananda. He has been living a practical life in Vedantic tradition for more than 40 years. He has been taught by a living and flourishing tradition of the Vedanta under grinding disciplines in the Ramakrishna Order of India. The Ramakrishna Order is the most eminent spiritual and charitable organisation in that country. [Visit the website: www.rkmhq.org or www.belurmath.org] This Order is known for its appreciation of what is good in other religions too.

    Swami Baneshananda teaches the authentic Theories and Steps of Meditation and conducts classes on Guided Meditation to demonstrate the applied aspects of Indian Yoga-Vedanta meditation. On invitation he gives lectures and retreats in other countries in Europe, USA, Canada etc.

  • Swami Bhaswatananda

    Swami Bhaswatananda is also from the Ramakrishna Order in India. He has been living in this tradition for more than three decades.

    He assists the Society in consolidating Vedanta work in Germany. Apart from that he takes classes for Vedanta students and gives lectures on various topics.